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To our members, shared branching guests, and our community partners:

These are unprecedented times. During such times, difficult decisions have to be made. In order to do our part to help mitigate the potential exposure and spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we will effectively close our branch lobbies beginning Thursday, March 19th with on-site service limited to drive-thru and ATM interactions for the foreseeable future. For our Shaker Heights members and shared branching guests, we will be making special arrangements to allow for access to both of our shared branching ATM’s during normal business hours while maintaining 24 hour access to our vestibule ATM. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as, checking into our website at for updates.

Withdrawal Transactions:
We will be keeping our drive-thru services open during normal business hours and will continue to evaluate traffic patterns to determine if extended hours will be necessary. We are also making special arrangements to ensure that our ATM’s are prepared for increased activity.

Deposit Transactions:
Along with drive-thru transactions, our ATM’s are equipped to accept member deposits as well as access to our night depository stations at each branch, which will be processed at the end of our normally scheduled business hours. We have also launched our mobile deposit feature for check deposits on our mobile app.

Loan Payments:
Beyond drive-thru transactions, Buckeye is able to accept loan payments through our website with our ProPay feature, which will allow you to make your payment from a non-Buckeye account. We also have the ability to process a check by phone, so you may call your payment into one of our branches. We also offer ACH origination, which also allows you to set up your loan payments from an outside financial institution. Please call your local branch for details.

Loan Applications and Loan Closings:
We will continue to meet your borrowing or refinancing needs by accepting loan applications via telephone as well as on our website. Many loan closings can be completed remotely with electronic signatures via DocuSign, but if by chance this is not an option you are comfortable with, please contact your branch to discuss additional options.

Member Service Questions and Concerns:
Our branch staff and call center will continue to be available to assist you and to take your telephone calls, but you can also send us messages via online banking. We do encourage you to update your email and cell phone numbers with us as we are also able to initiate email and text communications as well. Let your branch know if you prefer email or text communications as an alternative to communicating via telephone.
You may email your branch at the following addresses:

COVID-19 Affecting Your Ability to Repay Your Loan:
If you are having difficulty repaying your loan due to providing child care after the school closures or if your employer has had to temporarily shut down due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, please call your branch, our collections/member solutions department, or email us at for potential options.

Buckeye State Credit Union Staffing:
With so many businesses affected by government orders and having to make difficult business decisions, Buckeye State Credit Union stands strong and plans to keep our employees working through this partial branch shut down. All hourly wages and salaries are being protected and paid out at this time to ensure our employees and their families are not significantly impacted financially. This includes employees affected by the school closures and those who are unable to work due to being sick.

These are challenging times, but we stand ready to continue working with our members, shared branching guests, and our community partners to ensure that we are doing our part to help as many people as possible get through one of the most unprecedented times in our communities’, state’s, and nation’s history. Thank you for your continued business and support through these challenging times!

Kindest Regards,

Michael F. Abernathy

President | Chief Executive Officer
Buckeye State Credit Union