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Proud History

We delivered financial security to those who delivered the mail.

There’s A Good Reason Why
There’s A Postmark in Our Logo

Our credit union was founded in Akron, Ohio to give financial support to postal workers. It was in 1933, the middle of the Great Depression. U.S. postal employees had steady jobs but low income. In Akron neighborhoods, homes sold for $2,900. But few could put together a down payment.

So postal employees formed The Akron Postal and Federal Employees Credit, chartered by the State of Ohio. Shares were set at a par value of $5 payable by payroll deduction installments of $.25 or more.

The credit union operated out of the Akron Post Office until 1968 when the present building on Voris Street was built. In 1974, the first branch was acquired in Alliance with the merger of ASF Credit Union.

Why We Changed Our Name

By 1975, our membership grew to include many more members of the community so we changed our name to Buckeye State Credit Union. We continued to help members save and obtain consumer loans through payroll deduction and financial counseling.

From 1989 to 1999, we merged with eight other credit unions, keeping the name Buckeye State Credit Union, adding services and technology. Since then, Buckeye State Credit Union has tripled in size, serving the region with four branches.

Buckeye State Credit Union continues to be a progressive credit union both in operations and the lending portfolio offerings, earns excellent ratings from insurers and auditors, and is a sound and well-managed financial institution.