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Digital Wallets, Perfect For Mobile Payments

Introducing an Easy Way to Pay With Digital Wallets and Mobile Payment Systems


Mobile Wallet Providers

Security and Convenience, Go Cardless! BSCU Is The Perfect Mobile Credit Union!

A digital wallet is a form of wireless payment technology provided by your mobile device’s provider. Mobile payment systems allow you to store your Buckeye debit and credit card information in a digital, secure and convenient manner right on your mobile device. Instead of using your physical card to make payments, you can pay using your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. A mobile wallet provides you with increased convenience and security while accessing your Buckeye account funds. You can make purchases in-store, in apps, and on the web. Add your card today to get started!

Apple Pay

Buckeye’s integration with Apple Pay will allow you to add your card to your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. You can then make convenient, secure, and contactless payments at local retailers as well as online merchants. Setup is easy; use the link below to get started with Apple Pay.

Setup Apple Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay will now allow you to use your Buckeye debit or credit card for purchases. This allows our members to make secure cardless payments using their Android device. For assistance with setup please use the link below.

Setup Google Pay

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay can be used on supported Samsung Galaxy mobile devices. While Google Pay is also supported on these devices, members may wish to use Samsung Pay. Setup is easy, just follow the link below to get started.

Setup Samsung Pay

Are mobile payment systems secure?

Yes! Apple, Google, and Samsung all use tokenization to create a unique and randomized set of numbers for each transaction. Because of this, your actual card number is not used in the transaction. Your device can be configured with finger print scan or facial recognition when making a purchase. If your phone is ever lost or stolen your card can be removed from your account online.

Are mobile payments accepted everywhere?

Not everywhere, but these forms of payment are accepted at millions of locations nationwide and the network is expanding every day. Look for the Apple, Google, or Samsung payment logos when shopping, and when in doubt ask the merchant if your payment method is accepted.

Now that I've added my card, how do I use it?

In person: Simply unlock your phone and place near a contactless terminal. Payment confirmation will show on your device.

Online and in apps: Look for the Apple, Google, or Samsung Pay purchase buttons at checkout.

Are there fees to use Apple, Google, or Samsung Pay?

There are no additional fees to set up or use your Buckeye card in Apple, Google, or Samsung Pay.

Is setup quick?

Yes, typically your card can be added in just a few minutes. Follow the instructional links on this page for your preferred payment solution. In some cases you be required to call a number or receive a text message as a verification part of the setup process. There’s no cause for concern with this, simply follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll be ready to go for mobile payments.

What cards are eligible?

Buckeye supports both our debit and credit cards for use in digital wallets. Not only that, if you have both you can add both. Once you’ve added a Buckeye card be sure to set it as the preferred payment option in your digital wallet.