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Savings Accounts with Buckeye Credit Union

Savings Account

Savings (Share)

Your membership at Buckeye State Credit Union is established by opening your Share (savings) account with five dollars. That’s because you’re a shareholder, one of the many owners of Buckeye State and equal to all of Buckeye’s members regardless of account size.

You can take advantage of all Buckeye’s services once you are a member as long as your Share account remains open.

Savings Share Certificate

Share Certificate

Saving money can be a challenge, but a Term Share Certificate can be a great way to make a short or long-term investment and put your money to work for you.

At terms from six to thirty-six months, Share Certificates provide a tool for you to save with discipline and see great results in a relatively shorter amount of time because you earn a higher dividend than just keeping your money in your Prime Share Savings Account. See our current rates.

At Buckeye State Credit Union, we offer saving accounts for Ohio residents, as well as a full suite of traditional banking products and services with competitive rates and low fees.

It’s easy to become a member at Buckeye! To learn how, call us at (883) 282-5281, or visit one of our four local branches in Alliance, Akron, Canton, or Shaker Heights. Our dedicated associates will help you navigate your individual financial situation. Contact us to apply today! 

Start experiencing real personalized service.