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Debit Card

Your Buckeye Debit Card

How Your Buckeye Debit Card Works

Your debit card gives you the convenience of making purchases without writing a check. You present the card to the cashier, sign the receipt and your purchase is deducted right from your checking account. It’s easy as a credit card – but you incur no debt!

If you use it to place a phone order, just give your card number and the expiration date to the order representative. At ATMs it works just like a regular ATM card and you use your PIN (personal ID number). Never give out your PIN.

How’s is it different from a credit card?
The difference is that your purchases are deducted from your Buckeye checking account and not a transaction paid for with borrowed money that you have to pay back with interest.

Are there any fees when used?
There is no charge for using your debit card at Master Card merchants for a purchase, however, when you use your card at an ATM machine or use your PIN number, our STAR, Money Station, Plus & Pulse ATM networks does this need updated? fees will remain the same as they have been in the past. Please see the Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosure for more information.

Are there spending limits on the debit card?
You can spend up to the balance in your checking account or $2,500 per day in purchases – whichever is less. You can withdraw up to $500 cash per day at an ATM. If you need a temporary raise in spending limit for a large ticket item, contact your local branch.

Is it possible to overdraw an account using the debit card?
Yes. If you use your balance to make a purchase with insufficient funds. An overdraft fee is $35. Important: to make purchases with your card, you must have the money in your checking. Master Card cannot draw from shares.

Will check card purchases appear on the monthly statement?
Yes. When you shop with your check card, the amount, date, and even the place where you used it will appear on your statement, along with regular checks and ATM transactions. Having it all on one statement is a great help with record keeping.

When I use my Debit Card, are funds withdrawn instantly from my account?
Always assume that it happens immediately, although it could take a few days to show up on your account.

What do I do if my Debit Card is lost or stolen?
Call 1-800-264-5578 to cancel the card. After the card has been cancelled, contact your local branch. For branch information, click here.



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