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Tis the Season!!! Your Christmas “to-do” list gets larger every year… must you handle EVERYTHING at home AND at work? The stores are crowded…shoppers are hairied and rude, sales staff is over-worked and rude… did I mention that everyone is RUDE??? As for decorating the tree…you FINALLY get the Christmas lights untangled, and then have to search for the ONE bulb that keeps a string of lights from working! Or worse yet, you put up your pre-lit tree, one you paid handsomely for, and NONE OF THE LIGHTS IN THE CENTER of the tree work! You can’t even dodge into the pet store to buy dog food without hearing all that PESKY holiday music! And as if this isn’t enough, YOU JUST DON’T HAVE THE MONEY in the budget to cover all those gifts and entertaining that you have to do over the holidays! BAH HUMBUG!!!

Sometimes the stress of the holiday season overcomes us and what should be a “joyous” time of the year ends up to be a time of year that is anything BUT joyous! Here are a few tips to help you avoid “keeping company with Scrooge” this holiday season:

1, Prioritize

A “to-do” list can be a great way to keep track of what needs to be done on any given project, but sometimes a growing list can be overwhelming! When you are finished compiling your “to-do” list, at home or at work, prioritize your list into what MUST be done, and what CAN be done, then only keep tasks on the list that MUST be done. (This only works if you are honest with yourself.)

2, Delegate

Even if you think you can do it better! It will give others a chance to participate and will relieve some of the pressure you feel to “get it done” – who knows, having others participate could even make things more fun!

3, Exercise Patience

I know, I know, this is SOOOOO hard! When people are rude to you, you want to return the favor, right? WRONG! You never know what the person being rude to you has had to handle that day. Being patient and kind will make you feel better inside (really, it will!) and may even help turn the day around for someone else. (Besides, it’s annoying to intentionally-rude people when you are nice to them!)

4, Take a Break

Tough tasks (like untangling Christmas lights or finding that bulb that doesn’t work) don’t get easier by being frustrated! If something is frustrating, take a break – walk away and do something else for a while, and then go back. Sometimes a break will give you the extra patience that it takes to muddle through a tough or tedious task.

5, Hum a Few Bars

Instead of being annoyed with the holiday music in stores or on the radio, hum or sing along! You could find that it actually makes you, or someone else, smile – it’s hard to be annoyed when you are smiling!

6, Budget

Set a budget for the holidays and stick to it! Don’t be extravagant on gifts or on entertainment plans. Heartfelt gifts that were purchased or hand-made with the recipient in mind can be much more meaningful and appreciated than one with a high price tag. By the same token, keep entertaining simple – it’s the companionship and warm atmosphere that make the event memorable and fun, not whether you served champagne and caviar. As a bonus, when January rolls around, you won’t dread going to the mailbox!

With all the hustle-bustle surrounding the holidays, it is easy to lose focus and become disenchanted by self-imposed expectations. Remember WHY we celebrate the holiday season!

On behalf of Buckeye State Credit Union, we wish for you a TRULY JOYOUS holiday season and hope you are able to share the holiday with family and friends dear to you.


Kathy Hammond

Business Development & Communications Director